1 on 1 Performance Coaching

REEVO Coaching offers an excellent 1 on 1 coaching package. Players get 1 to 1 personal, intense coaching to develop anything they choose. Our sessions equip players with the details and skills needed to improve their game and reach the next level. These sessions are position specific to allow the player to work on what they need to improve on. 


1-1 training is a player focused environment to allow players to develop and be challenged whilst growing holistically and physically. The player is the focus of the session and feedback is given to improve consistently. With 1-1 coaching players develop quicker due to them being the focus of the session and our expert coaches can correct poor form quickly. The biggest improvement we see at REEVO Coaching through our 1-1 training programmes is the players confidence. Confidence and self belief is massive in our young players and our sessiosn are designed for them to feel the best and express themselves in the session and back at their clubs. 


We use the latest technology and innovative practises to help athletes achieve their goals. We also use technology to analyse their form and share this with the athlete including iPads for cognitive brain training and PLAYR for breaking down statistics for our top level athletes. 


Currently we have 45 players attending weekly sessions to improve them selves at just one venue. 


Players of all levels have accessed our 1-1 coaching programme, including professionals, semi-professionals, academy players and grassroots of all ages and abilities. 


We can also offer small group sessions of up to 6 players.


Details on how to book 1-1 sessions are available below or at www.reevocoaching.simplybook.it


All current 1-1 sessions take place at Greenland Primary School, DH9 7EZ. 


We are located at:

Prospect Business Park, Leadgate, 


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