Pro Season Partnership

We are delighted to have teamed up with Pro Season. Pro Season will allow us to track our players development through their app and software. We aligned ourselves with Pro Season as their motto of 'Development is the new winning' is something we fully believe in. 


Using Pro Season we will be able to measure the development of our players during our 1-1 sessions and technical camps. After each 6 week block or camp we will be able to produce a detailed report which will give guidance on where the strengths and weaknesses lie in each players game. 


The atttributes we believe players need to have as a baseline are the following:

- Footwork 

- Passing 

- Receiving 

- Ball Control 

- Finishing

- Decision Making 

- Engagement 

- Composure

- Attacking Movements 

- Defending Movements 


These are the skills players will be measured against on a rating scale and that will show improvements from start to the end of the programme. 


For more information on Pro Season visit their website here - Pro Season


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